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Hello! My name is 沈美君 (SHEN MEI-CHUN) or Diane. I am a service designer who does strategy as profession at the same time, and a user researcher who understands programming language as well. I draw and I played a bit music. It’s complicated and I enjoy them all.

I am a Taiwanese and lived in several places for work or study years ago: Milano, Chennai, Mumbai, Melbourne, Cupertino and Tokyo.

I have been writing blogs for years since 2005 and topics have always been observation of life, work, spaces, people, culture, design and technology. Unfortunately this website got h-a-c-k** a while ago and I am afraid most of the content were gone… *weeping* I hope I am continuing this habit of writing and sharing no matter what!




If you are interested in discussing and doing something related to #ServiceDesign (服務設計), #DesignStrategy(設計策略), #UserResearch(使用者研究), #TrendResearch (趨勢研究), #InnovationProcess (創新流程), #VisualFacilitation(視覺引導), feel free to write or contact me here:


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